Say it with Cake – {Super Epic Rainbow Cake}

Two cakes in one week.

I might have a bit of a problem. But… I dunno for sure.

Anyway, I made this cake for a good friend.

A friend that started as my worst enemy 12 years back, a friend that dreams of losing shoes and a friend that understands the great significance of screaming “EARTHQUAKE!” She’s moving to Ohio at the end of this week, and although I’ll miss her, I know she’s going to have an awesome time living there.

As soon as she told me she was having a going-away party, I thought of the perfect dessert to tote along. I don’t think anything else would have been more suitable than this monstrosity of a cake.

The six individually baked layers match her insanity (in a good way!!!), she loves rainbows, and it’s got lemon flavored icing because she likes… well… Lemon.

That wasn’t very eloquent, was it?

But the most important aspect of this cake, the thing that makes it so her is the fact that it’s frosted in white buttercream. Why? Because the smooth white exterior makes the cake look completely normal, but once you slice into it you realize… OH SNAP! THIS CAKE IS CRAZY!

And then it all makes sense.

PEACE OUT, G! Raise hell in Ohio for me, ok?!?!

Edit March 28, 2010

The following video was mailed to me by the Daly family (thanks again – you guys are awesome!!). It’s amazing and I want to share it with you guys!

Super Epic Rainbow Cake
I’m adding a disclaimer here: THERE IS A LOT OF FROSTING/BUTTER IN THIS CAKE. I used a lot because I wanted the cake to be very striking visually. It is intentional. Put in less if you want. Also, I’m not forcing you to eat this entire cake by yourself, so – seriously – quit freaking out about the butter.

Watch me make this cake with Ms. Stewart on The Martha Stewart Show!

Printable Recipe

White Cake (but not really)
I made things difficult on myself and altered a coconut cake recipe for this. I don’t know why I didn’t just make a white cake from a white cake recipe, but…. I didn’t. Here’s the source if you’re looking to make a coconut cake. It looks divine, but my friends don’t like coconut :(
2 sticks (226 g) butter, room temp
2 1/3 c (426 g) sugar
5 egg whites, room temp
2 teaspoons vanilla
3 c (426 g) flour
4 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 1/2 c (355 ml) milk, warmed for 30 sec in microwave to bring to room temp
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple GEL food coloring. Liquid will not be vibrant enough!

Preheat the oven to 350F degrees. Oil and line how ever many 9” cake pans you have (I have three and I just reused them).

Sift together the flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

Cream the sugar and butter, then add the egg whites (I cracked them all into one bowl) and add them a little at a time. Add the vanilla and mix until fully incorporated. Then, alternating between wet and dry, add the milk and flour mixture in two parts.

Divide the batter amongst 6 bowls (It’s about 1 c each, but I did it by weight. Weigh your mixing bowl before you begin adding ingredients and then subtract the weight of the bowl from the final measurement after the batter is completed. Divide that number by six and add that weight of batter to each bowl), and then whisk a fair amount of the appropriate food color into each bowl. Keep in mind that the color of the unbaked batter will be the color of the baked batter. Pour into the pans and bake for 15 minutes each.

When you remove them from the oven, let them rest on the cooling rack, in the pan, for ten minutes. Then flip, cover, and stash them in the fridge to cool quickly.

Lemony Swiss Meringue Buttercream
(Someday I will make a post, besides my pancakes or mint macarons, that doesn’t involve this recipe!)
I made this recipe twice today because I underestimated the amount of buttercream I would need/ I would recommend that you do the same because you would need a HUGE bowl to make this much buttercream at one time! Please click here for a step-by-step guide to making Swiss Meringue Buttercream and troubleshooting tips!

To fill and crumb coat:
9 egg whites
1 ¾ c (350 g) sugar
4 sticks (452 g) butter, room temp
2 tsp lemon extract

To frost:
5 egg whites
1 c (200 g) sugar
2 sticks (226 g) butter, room temp
1 tsp lemon extract

Cook the egg whites and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat, whisking constantly, until the sugar is completely dissolved (test by rubbing some between your fingers. If it’s completely smooth, it’s done). Pour into another bowl (a stand mixer is preferable) and whip on high speed until room temp. Then, on a medium-slow speed, add the butter, waiting until each piece is completely incorporated before adding the next. After all the butter has been added, turn the mixer back to high speed and whip until it has come together, about five minutes. Add the extract, beat briefly and then use.

If the buttercream seems soupy after all of the butter is added and does not come together after whipping, refrigerate for 5 to 7 minutes and continue whipping until it becomes fluffy and workable.

Stack the layers in your preferred order and fill and frost as you would any other cake.

Once frosted, the cake can be left on the counter without any problems, but feel free to refrigerate it. Just be sure that the cake is at room temperature when serving or the frosting will be hard, not smooth.


  1. says

    Stunning! Your blog is gorgeous. I'll post a link on my edible craft column (likely on monday, at and I'm sure I'll be back again and again. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says

    I live in the castro area of sf….this cake would be the cats meow out here! Gay, straight, young or old…this cake is the bomb!

  3. says

    i actually posted this link on my facebook status, not only for the great pics, but because this is my favorite statement ive heard in FOREVER:<br /><br />&quot;OH SNAP! THIS CAKE IS CRAZY!&quot;

  4. Anonymous says

    How do you make the color so bright? Do you use a certain food coloring? Share your secrets, please! 😀

  5. says

    Thank you so much everyone!<br /><br />To anyone who is planning on making this cake, I would like to warn you that it is not for those who don&#39;t like frosting! I ate around it, myself :P<br /><br />I did use a turntable to smooth the frosting, and I also used a bench scraper which helps a lot. <br /><br />I just used regualer Wilton-brand food coloring gel. You can buy it at Walmart,

  6. says

    wow! what a cake! i tried to bake it but undoubtedly failed miserably! hahaha that&#39;s ok though because i had fun with a couple friends :) i think the hardest part is slicing into it! that takes some MAD SKILLS! kudos!

  7. says

    Sadly I don&#39;t bake, but I can sure stare at this thing all day! To tell you the truth I am this close to licking the screen I tell ya! I love icing! (I once had a dream where I died and I had asked that my coffin be covered in purple fondant icing!) So I don&#39;t mind all that thick butter cream goodness enveloping this multi-colored treat!<br /><br />i featured this on my blog, btw :)

  8. says

    Thanks so much, everyone!!<br /><br />@Chic Cookies: Thanks so much! That would be very, very cool!<br /><br />@Bittersweety: I&#39;m glad you had a good time :)<br /><br />@Rachael: Thanks for the feature! I really appreciate that!

  9. says

    I just found your blog and put you amongst my favorites immediately. Your cake is absolutely amazing! Can&#39;t wait to follow your blog

  10. says

    o…m….G. this cake is the SHIZNIT! i want to eat it! i want to parade it all over town. most of all, i want to MAKE one (although i don&#39;t think i&#39;d do as good a job as you did on the assembly).

  11. says

    This cake is unbelievable. I am nowhere near skilled enough at frosting to be able to make one this beautiful, but it is inspiring – I would love to make this for one of my daughters&#39; birthdays next year!!!

  12. says

    It&#39;s beautiful! I made one a couple of weeks ago, but my layers were too tall so I ended up with a skyscraper cake! You&#39;ll get a bunch of traffic today…lucky you, you made onto Neatorama! :)

  13. says

    Gaaah, I just commented on your gorgeous caramel cake – but wait!!! – THIS is the most beautiful, picture-perfect cake I&#39;ve ever laid eyes on! (and mentally gobbled in a split second)! <br />WOW <br />xxx

  14. says

    Thank you for all the kind words! <br /><br />Also, I&#39;m very happy for all the traffic I&#39;ve been getting from the various sites that have featured this post, but I would appreciate it if people would refrain from posting derogatory comments such as &quot;gay&quot; and &quot;that&#39;s so gay.&quot; <br /><br />You&#39;re immature. Grow up. It&#39;s just a cake and it can be perceived

  15. Anonymous says

    it&#39;s …. like an ipod cake! as in, it is all white and pristine or comes in many bright primary colors.<br /><br />any pics of it looking all &quot;la la la don&#39;t mind me i&#39;m a normal cake&quot;?

  16. says

    She&#39;s not gay, is she ? Not that there&#39;s anything wrong with that. It would just make the cake even more awesome.<br /><br />P.S.: there&#39;s nothing wrong with *the word* &quot;gay&quot;. The problem arises in the way it&#39;s being used.

  17. SteveDenver says

    This is totally fun. My easier take on this cake is to bake a white cake and use tinted frosting between the layers. If you desire a white exterior, pipe white icing around the edge of each layer before topping it with tinted icing. After the cake is assembled, apply a crumb coat of white icing and put it in the refrigerator for an hour. After an hour, frost with white.

  18. says

    Beautiful, just so stunning! Have you seen mirror cakes? I think you could do a version topped with a vivid mirror too, although that would spoil the surprise of cutting into it. You have a lucky friend.

  19. Anonymous says

    This idea would be great for a St. Patrick&#39;s day party. Do just 3 layers – green, white, and orange.

  20. Anonymous says

    This is amazing! And I bet it tastes wonderful. I&#39;d like to be able to reach right in and take a piece ;D

  21. says

    Your photography throughout your site is incredible, and this has got to be the most beautiful cake I&#39;ve ever seen. If you ever figure out how to create a diabetic version, please share the recipe! In fact, I&#39;d pay for it!

  22. says

    So I tried this tonight, and you know what? It was a massive FAIL. <br /><br />Did you photoshop the colours or have you got access to some amazing e-numbers that are illegal in the UK? <br /><br />My colours ranged from sludge brown to sludge grey. <br /><br />And now I have 6 bits of what look like sofa cushion and 14 unused eggs and 3 unused packs of butter in my fridge.

  23. says

    I&#39;m glad you guys like the cake so much!<br />Nope, I don&#39;t have any pictures of the cake looking &quot;normal.&quot; I didn&#39;t think it was interesting enough on its own, but now I&#39;m thinking it would have been cool to get both shots…. Darn! lol<br /><br /><br />@Penguin &amp; Fish: Thanks so much! That&#39;s very kind of you!<br /><br />@Kull: We do put liposuction goo in

  24. says

    Wow. I think I just fell in love with your blog. (: So Sunday my sister and I were fighting about making a cake for our friend who&#39;s birthday was Tuesday. My sister makes this amazing frosting, and well, I just wish I was good in the kitchen. So, the next day my dad sends me the link to your cake. I immediately went out and bought cake mix and frosting (I&#39;m not skilled remember.)and I&#39

  25. says

    omg… this looks tops! my hubby sent this to me and i want to make it for my sons 1st bday.. but i will practise first.. <br /><br />but.. i need to know how many grams is a stick of butter? im from australia and we use the metric system.. so im not sure how much a stick is.. here we buy a block of butter thats 250g.. <br /><br />can u pls shed some light? thanks…oh.. and where on earth do i

  26. says

    Esta precioso y riquisimo el cake, me parece que hay que invertir mucho tiempo en el, pero lo vale. Esta espectacular. Saludos desde Costa Rica<br /><br /><br />Ivonne

  27. Anonymous says

    It&#39;s not ironic. It&#39;s coincidental. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Please quit butchering the language.<br /><br />To the blogger:<br />WOW! Lovely cake. It looks and sounds absoultely delicious. I&#39;m especially impressed by its incredible structure. Just perfect!

  28. says

    @Kaitlin <br /><br />Sorry I didn&#39;t seriously mean that you had tinkered with the colours on Photoshop, I do think you&#39;re honest in your pictures!<br /><br />I think the problem is just that we don&#39;t have access to the right kind of food colouring here in the UK. I don&#39;t know if it&#39;s a legal thing, but the only food colourings seen to be &#39;natural&#39; colourings, which, as

  29. says

    @Caitlin: Thank you! I&#39;m so happy to hear that! Buying the cake mix was a good idea – It&#39;ll definitely simplify things :) Best of luck! <br /><br />@Gordana: Thanks! A stick of unsalted butter is 113 grams. This cake takes TONS of butter ;P A turntable is like a lazy-susan. You can buy them at some craft stores, but I don&#39;t think it&#39;s necessary to have one. I just used

  30. says

    OH. MY. GOD!! I am in love with you!!<br />Please don&#39;t tell my husband :P<br /><br />Seriously though, your cake is amazing! I wish I was lucky enough to taste it! I guess I&#39;ll just have to suck it up and try your recipe. I&#39;m not the best baker…(my first cake had a huge air-bubble whole in the bottom)

  31. says

    I am going to try and do this this weekend for a friend&#39;s going away party. I&#39;m going to use a little jello in the layers to help give it a color boost. Also I think I&#39;m just going to use a box mix… cheating i know, it has been years since I&#39;ve used a box mix but i won&#39;t have much time. Hopefully it turns out good, I will let you know! :)

  32. lauren says

    wow….man, ur cake makes something from stater bros. look like crap!! my sister wants me to make it for her, but i told her im gonna eat it before she gets to see me…..hahaha! take that lena! jkjk..i ♥ u<br />p.s…. &quot;this cake is the bomb&quot; best i ever salwed!! haha

  33. says

    I noticed that the original coconut cake recipe used cake flour and this modified white cake recipe uses regular AP flour. Is that correct? I can just use AP flour?<br /><br />BTW, I don&#39;t exactly remember how I came to get the link to this page, but boy am I glad I got it! i *ADORE* this cake. Very beautiful. Hope mine comes out just as nicely, but I&#39;m terrible at frosting cakes, so

  34. Anonymous says

    I am impressed. The cake is visually very striking, and it&#39;s obvious for all to see that you put a tremendous amount of effort into it.<br /><br />…and yes, I suppose that&#39;s a lot of buttercream frosting, but then again, this cake was not made for one person to down at an entire sitting, it was made to be shared by many at a social gathering, at which it was not the sole food available

  35. Anonymous says

    I just attempted to make this cake(without the icing). <br />Four hours of hard work, <a rel="nofollow">right here!</a> XD

  36. says

    This is my ideal cake. I have always wanted to see it, and I thought that, outside art, perhaps, I never would. It is stunning. I must have one! :)

  37. says

    &quot;OH SNAP! THIS CAKE IS CRAZY!&quot; I love it! Haha, thanks for making me laugh, <i>and</i> providing me with quite possibly the best cake recipe ever. &lt;3

  38. says

    Hi! GOSH. You&#39;re such an amazing baker! I&#39;m going to favourite you~ 😀 hehehe. Thanks for the recipe I&#39;m going to use it one day! 😀 Omygosh I still CAN&#39;T BELIEVE YOU MADE THIS.! ITS AMAZING! lots of xoxo&#39;s -maz

  39. Anonymous says

    Wow. Whats great for me about this is that I JUST moved from ohio to canada, and Im fucking crazy, your description of your friend is almost me to a TEE. I am obsessed with rainbows and LOVE lemons. <br /><br />I bet you miss your friend who&#39;s now replaced me in Ohio, I hope she has fun and meets some sweet people.

  40. says

    As sad as this is going to sound I&#39;ve been spending my Saturday night looking at rainbow cakes. A blog I followed just posted one that a friend of her&#39;s made for a get together they had. So I have been off to find out how to make one….I definitely am going to try your way. I love frosting and lemon so I&#39;m going to just follow away. I can&#39;t wait to try it out. I do wonder how

  41. says

    This is the best cake EVER. I thought when my friend made the &quot;awesome face&quot; (see URL) into a birthday cake for me (using fondant, because I love it) that that was the best cake ever. Then I saw a Domo cake and nearly died with excitement. But THEN, I saw THIS cake, and had to revise my definition of &#39;awesome&#39;, because THIS CAKE FREAKIN&#39; ROCKS!<br /><br />Good luck to

  42. says

    OMgosh, that is amazing, but that&#39;s a whole lot of math and math is not my forte, which is why I&#39;m a blogger and not a mathematician…lol. But thanks for sharing, I think I might try that tomorrow for my sisters birthday.

  43. says

    Well, that is just positively glorious! I found you through Penguin &amp; Fish and was drawn in by the picture of the rainbow cake. I seriously can think of nothing more happy to look at than that slice of cake. As a pastry chef and cake artist, I appreciate your attention to detail and style. I&#39;m looking forward to exploring your blog and checking out your recipes.<br />Best regards,

  44. says

    If I had seen this post on the post date, ten days before my birthday, it might have changed my mind about not celebrating my birthday, something I haven&#39;t done for 10 years. But for an excuse to make this cake, I may have changed my mind.<br /><br />You are an awesome friend. I don&#39;t know anyone that would make me a crazy rainbow cake. I wish I did. I&#39;m going to feature this on my

  45. Anonymous says

    I don&#39;t quite know how I found this page, but ever since I saw this cake I&#39;ve been head-over-heels obsessed with it and have been determined to make it. So I just made it the other day for my husband&#39;s birthday. <br /><br />I cheated and used boxed cake mix to save some time. And I have neon food color – so the cakes were VERY vivid! The following night I had a friend come over to

  46. says

    Woo! I am making the cake now for my sister&#39;s 5th birthday. The layers all look lovely laid out on my table and she will be so excited once it is all assembled. I don&#39;t think I will be using your frosting recipe as my sis is a little picky and likes her good ol&#39; fashioned buttercream, but hopefully I can recreate it for Valentine&#39;s day with your recipe!<br />Thank you so much

  47. Anonymous says

    I am in the process of making this amazing cake for my daughters fourth birthday. She is going to be so surprised when we cut it…the rainbow is perfect for her care bear theme. Thank you so much for this awesome cake!!! I love the pics!!!

  48. says

    Just in case it was not already stated, all you need is red, yellow and blue. You can make ANY color with just these three. My niece is making one for my Birthday!!!!(she is the best, ever!!)

  49. Anonymous says

    i have this in th eoven right now. i cant WAIT to see my 8 year olds reactio hen she sees it tomorrow. wish my luck on frosting it…….. scary…

  50. Anonymous says

    Hello there, Great blog!<br /><br />would it be possible for you to email me a high resolution (about 2 MB) version of the slice of rainbow wedding cake? I would like to use it for a college project I am doing. My email is<br /><br />thank you so much in advance,<br />Noelle

  51. Anonymous says

    Amei de paixão! Lindo, lindo, lindo! apenas lamento que não sei transformar as medidas indicadas para aquelas aplicadas em meu país. Vcoe pode me ajudar?????<br />Congratulations! You must be a special woman!<br />Regina

  52. Kiyomo says

    Oh, this is amazing!!! Do you think it would work with green and red for christmas? (please respond at Kiyomo on DA o~o)

  53. says

    You could try making the frosting inside the cake layers a bit thinner and only the outside nice and thick so it doesn&#39;t lose the pretty smoothness. Just a suggestion since you said you thought it had &quot;too much frosting&quot;. :)<br />It is a beautiful creation!

  54. says

    OMG!!! thank you for making this cake!! it so screams for that special someone and that beauty is in everything. it looks absolutely positively yummilicious!!

  55. Anonymous says

    I made this cake for my brothers 21st birthday, i think i made it more for me than him. but it was absolutely perfect and tasted really good. i almost don&#39;t want to eat it its sooo prity. thank you very much for the recipe

  56. says

    wow, I&#39;m totally making this cake for my birthday party!!!!! Thanks for the recipe (I posted the picture on my blog)! I love your blog! The pictures are gorgeous!

  57. Anonymous says

    omg this cake looks delicious!lolzzz anyways ill have to email u so i can get this recipe…. my b-day is this week and i want that cake for my birthday cake.

  58. says

    Undoubtedly you&#39;re still getting wonderful comments for this AMAZING cake! I just wanted to let you know that I&#39;m using it as an &quot;I&#39;m sorry I can&#39;t afford to get you all presents but here&#39;s an EPIC CAKE&quot; gift to my boyfriend&#39;s family. :) I&#39;ll let you know how it goes! Thank you so much for the inspiration. &lt;3

  59. Anonymous says

    Help!! I made this cake – 4 layers – neon colors. I pretty handy in the kitchen – have always made the kids homemade cakes for birthdays – assembled the layers – everything looks great – then went todo the top and edges and the entire cake cracked and fell apart. Like an earthquake! What did I do wrong? It looked soooo great when assembled with the layers –my daughter&#39;s b-day is tomorrow!

  60. says

    YES I MADE THIS AND IT WORKED!!!<br /><br />I was so worried it wouldn&#39;t but it did, my icing wasn&#39;t great though and I had WAY TOO MUCH, I made one batch of the 9 egg whites and there was sooo much. CRAZY! (any ideas/tips?) Also I didn&#39;t have big tins so my cake was kinda very tall, driving to the party was a bit of a mission… but it was all worth it when she cut in to the cake and

  61. Anonymous says

    Awesome cake! I desperately want to make this for my little girls birthday party in a couple of weeks. I think they will all go wild over it. Unfortunately I&#39;m going to have to make a gluten-free version – have you had much experience with gluten-free baking? Also – what did you do with all those left over yolks!!??

  62. Anonymous says

    I tried to make the icing, but it just completely failed… its just a thin watery mess!! what went wrong?? It&#39;s not white like in the picture either.

  63. Anonymous says

    I made this cake but it wasn&#39;t as nice as yours.. Also, when i tried to make the icing, it was SO runny! I have no idea what I did wrong..

  64. Anonymous says

    Hi <br />Love the cake. Would love to give it a go, but not sure how much a stick of butter is? I&#39;m from australia. Is it 125grams? <br />Tkanks

  65. Anonymous says

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven&#39;t seen anything this wonderful in a very long time. I know, I don&#39;t get out much. My daughter says it looks like a rainbow had a baby………LOL!

  66. Anonymous says

    Hi Kaitlin,<br /><br />the cake looks so good, so yummy and bellyachey- but it&#39;d be worth it. I&#39;d like to try it too, but since I am in Europe I was wondering if you could tell me the measurements in metric (I know I could look it up on the internet), especially for the &quot;sticks of butter&quot;. Thanks so much<br /><br />Annamaria

  67. says

    wow. I can&#39;t wait to attempt this for my daughters &quot;rainbow theme&quot; 1st birthday. I have done quite a few in the past for family birthdays and also my older daughters (all four years). but this will definitely be a challenge and I will be sure to report back with a photo if I actually do it. I just hope to get those colors that vibrant and those layers exact. I will probably end up

  68. says

    I gotta be honest… I&#39;m tooootally in love with your blog!! I tried your recipe for P&#39;s Peanut Butter and chocolate cake and it was the most delicious cake I&#39;ve EVER made! Yum!! It wasn&#39;t overly sweet, it was nice and moist, and outrageously good! I&#39;ve never made ganache before and I can&#39;t believe how easy it was! My cake was in no way as pretty as yours, but I will

  69. says

    um WOW! I&#39;m watching you make this on Martha right now. So proud so see a fellow Spartan rocking out. ESPECIALLY if it involves cake and frosting :)

  70. says

    I also saw you on Martha today and you, and this cake, are so stinking cute! My little girl freaked out when she saw the cake BEFORE it was sliced into. So I guess we are making rainbow cake this weekend. Thanks for sharing and I LOVE your blog!!<br /><br />Jeanne In Cowtown, Texas

  71. Dawn says

    Saw you on Martha! you did so great! I couldn&#39;t help but wonder…when you&#39;re cooking at home, do you pretend you&#39;re on a cooking show &amp; narrate in your head the steps to what you&#39;re doing? I used to do that. Actually, I probably still do that…depends on what I&#39;m making… your blog is cool! Now that I&#39;ve found it, I&#39;ll be following it…I might just hafta

  72. says

    I saw a blog that made a cake like this before, but when I saw you on Martha… my daughter said we had to make one. So, I guess I&#39;m going to have to make one – maybe will save it for her birthday party. Congrats on your spot on Martha!

  73. Sandi C says

    This cake brings out the &quot;kid&quot; in all of us. Who doesn&#39;t love looking at a rainbow?!! Actually I think Martha Stewart should offer you a job working in her organization! She must have a spot for such an articulate whiz kid like yourself!!!

  74. Grace Valverde says

    Hi, I am writing from Costa Rica <br />I saw you today on Martha Stewart, congrats you were great. I have visited your blog, I enjoyed a lot.<br />Best wishes from Costa Rica.

  75. Anonymous says

    What a great cake!! I saw you on Martha Stewart today, and had to look it up. Your blog is now going on my Favorite&#39;s List. Thanks! Kim in SC

  76. Anonymous says

    Between your photos, way of writing and love of cooking Martha Stewart better watch out. You were excellent on TV and might become the next generation Martha. Good luck with the future; now I need to decide when to make this cake since I LOVE Rainbows. Thank you for your great blog.

  77. Allison Crowe says

    heyyy!! i made this for my birthday back in november! it was SO MUCH FUN! i didn&#39;t have enough vanilla so my buttercream ended up being a cross between vanilla and almond – it was SUPER yummy! congrats on martha stewart!! that&#39;s amazing :)

  78. Anonymous says

    Where can I find the GEL food coloring? I was in Michaels the other day but could only find icing colors… I&#39;m dying to make this cake for my daughters 4th birthday in 3 weeks!! It looks amazing!

  79. says

    Hi Kaitlin,<br />I found your blog a while back while I was trying to find a recipe for rainbow bits cake (to make from scratch rather than a mix). A friend of mine loves things like that so when I found your rainbow cake I had to show it to him. I thought you might appreciate his response:<br /><br />&quot;Holy crap, my mind just exploded all over the desk, bits of my head are everywhere.<br />.

  80. Anonymous says

    Oh my goodness, I don&#39;t normally watch the Martha Stewart show but as I was flipping channels I saw the preview for your rainbow cake and recorded because it was beautiful!!! I ran out and bought the coloring and then a boxed cake…sorry but it just seemed easier. I happened to dirty every dish in the kitchen at least twice but it turned out great!! My whole family was so surprised to cut

  81. says

    My daughter and I watch Martha at lunch everyday and she nearly dropped her food on the floor and said, &quot;Mommy you make that cake for my birthday?&quot; She&#39;ll be 3 yrs old on May 22nd, so I&#39;ll be making it for her. Of course I&#39;m due that same week with baby girl #3 so I&#39;ve thought about making the layers ahead of time and freezing them just incase, then stack and ice later.

  82. Anonymous says

    I&#39;ll be having this for my son&#39;s 3rd birthday…thanks to you! Such a wonderful idea and so cheerful looking too! Kids will have a fun surprise!

  83. says

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  84. says

    This is phenomenal. Like, really crazyamazing.<br /><br />And as an Ohioan now displaced in DC, I wish your friend all the best. It&#39;s not a bad place to be! Hope she loves it. &lt;3

  85. sandrine from Paris says

    Hi, Congrats for your marvelous cakes<br />I&#39;m french, lives in Paris and spent my free time to bake ! i&#39;m going to try to bake the rainbow cake, it&#39;s seems to me that during the MS show the cakes have been cut to take off the upper crust ? I guess that the oven may &quot;brown&quot; them a bit ? please tell me <br />Regards <br />Sandrine

  86. Anonymous says

    I just have a quick question: How much would a cake like this cost if I had it made for a wedding? Probably 100-130 guests, 4 tier, square. Just an estimate, because this cake is amazing!

  87. says

    You are so cute! :)<br /><br />I am so happy that I know a girl my age, who shares the same cooking and baking love like I do. <br /><br />I will make your cake for my boyfriend&#39;s brother birthday, although I may change the filling and icing, cause they don&#39;t like buttercream. I think that mascarpone, cream, sweetened condensed milk and shredded coconut will be a good combination.<br /><

  88. says

    My mom made this cake for my 16th birthday and it was great! Best birthday cake I&#39;ve ever had, by far! :D<br />It was really filling, but that&#39;s not necessarily a bad thing.

  89. says

    You need to change your frosting recipe to read powdered sugar. Some of us, like me, make it as we read it….and it reads wrong.<br /><br />Off to the store to buy more eggs and butter.

  90. Anonymous says

    I love this cake! However, I don&#39;t have a scale. What is your best guess as to how much (in cups) each layer should be? Thanks!<br /><br />

  91. Anonymous says

    hey saw you on TV could you read my blog i am ten my blog is called

  92. Cheri says

    Saw it on Martha today actually. Making tonight! Can&#39;t wait. It&#39;s beautiful!! Can&#39;t wait to share with friends.

  93. Anonymous says

    I am in the process of making this, my colours are not vibrant as I&#39;m in the UK and only have silly colours but I don&#39;t really mind. Also my icing is yellow not white as the butter turned it yellow and is very runny but I&#39;m chilling it now until I can use it :)

  94. Anonymous says

    Hi hi, i need ur advise!! If i need to bake it in a rectangle or square pan what size do u recommend? It is actually sponge cake right? Need to do for my niece for her 1st birthday so need ur help!! Sorry to trouble u!! Hope to hear from u soon! God bless!<br /><br />Samantha

  95. says

    I made this fabulous rainbow cake for my son&#39;s birthday this weekend… and then I thought … I wonder where the rainbow cake came from… curious minds need to know these things… did you create this baby in your head or were you inspired by someone ?? The recipe version I found on the rainbow cake called for fruit puree&#39;s to flavor each layer… crazy but fun and very fruity! A

  96. says

    Two of my really close friends have made it their personal goal to make this cake over the summer. I am so excited to see how it turns out!

  97. Anonymous says

    Ok so Im about to head home to make this cake. Ive been working all day and Im not sure if i can stay up long enough. lol Well shall see. Im excited

  98. says

    That is incredible. I&#39;m going to make one for my boyfriend. He&#39;ll love it! Thank you so much for that post whisk kid!

  99. Anonymous says

    Hi! I chance upon your entry of the rainbow cake recently and tried baking it. But it seems to have a strong weird taste that i cant describe after eating. Wondering by any chance you know what the problems is? Thanks! (:

  100. Anonymous says

    Dear Whisk-Kid, I was searching for a recipe for something else and saw your cake. It is so beautiful. I became obsessed with it and had to find a reason to make it which I did for my niece&#39;s 9th birthday over the Fourth of July. Once I cut into it all the kids were amazed. All the adults thought it tasted fantastic. I used your cake recipe but since I was at the coast

  101. says

    I have followed the directions to a T, twice and both times after adding the butter it incorporates beautifully but never whips up again, ends up like a creamy soup. Any tips would be appreciated.

  102. beth says

    I made this for my four year olds birthday and I will never forget the look on her face when she saw her slice.<br /><br />Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

  103. says

    Thank you so much for your inspiration. This cake was the center piece of my daughter’s birthday party and I never would have pulled it off without your amazing example.

  104. says

    I saw this on someone&#39;s tumblr (picture) and then i googled like crazy to find a recipe and i ended up on your blog. I also found the martha stewart episode, and just a question, what if i don&#39;t have a scale? :O

  105. says

    For the frosting–you make which section of the recipe twice? The one with 9 eggs, the one with 5 eggs, or both?<br /><br />I&#39;m making this next Thursday…I&#39;m excited! Thanks for the recipe!

  106. Gemma Hughes says

    Hey Kaitlin, <br /><br />Egg whites from a carton worked perfectly! I think something went wrong with the sponge – they didn&#39;t rise very much? The cake batter looked strange – I think it might have been the food processor I used. I might invest in a better one! I freaked out when making the buttercream as it looked like it was about to curdle – then I remembered your words in the Martha

  107. Anonymous says

    the cake looks fabulous, i am going to make it for my daughters 1st birthday. Do you think it would be okay to make the cakes the week before and then freeze them ?

  108. says

    Thank You Thank you Thank you so much for putting this up and making such a wonderful cake. A friend of mine is in love with rainbows. <br /><br />She is moving away from here and we are having a party. I found this a little while before i found out about the party. And Now all the layers are cooling and I&#39;m going to ice it when it&#39;s done. Thank you so much for all of this. <br /><br />

  109. Morgans Mommie says

    I saw this on Martha Stewart &amp; fell in love! i&#39;ve been waiting to make it for my daughters second birthday next month in oct. and im extremly excited that its just around the corner! i hope mine comes out as beautifully as yours!!

  110. Anonymous says

    Tomorrow is the 1st birthday of our 3rd daughter; my wife made 2 of these cakes today. Given the amount of butter and the great taste, we all die of instant heart attacks, but at least we die with a smile. Absolutely brilliant!<br /><br />Regards, Marc and Jolijn, Julianadorp, the Netherlands.

  111. Anonymous says

    this cake looks great! I&#39;ve been reading your blog for the past 3 weeks studying the recipe to make sure that i make it right for my sons birthday.<br /><br />does it matter if its unsalted butter? or does it have to be regular butter?<br /><br />please respond soon and i hope everything will be worth it.

  112. says

    i wish i could make a cake like you!!<br />ive been trying to make this rainbow cake and im not seeming to get it right!<br />i watched the Martha Stewart show and i was making the cake while you were on air!<br />its not turning out right! <br />can you please email me some extra tips for me?<br />thanks a bunch!<br />hersheys and kisses!!<br />-Jordyn

  113. says

    We made this cake for my mother in laws birthday and it was a huge hit. My father in law, an avid southern chef who grew up with homemade everything, said it was one of the best cakes he had ever tasted. FYI instead of weighing the batter out we used a 1 cup measuring cup and this recipe evenly contains 6 cups. The layers came out perfectly. Thanks for the amazing recipe.

  114. says

    I made this cake and it was a hit with everyone who saw it! Next time I make it, I think it would be cool to do some sort of neon icing piping design on the outside. But it&#39;s still SO sleek with the white, and when you cut it open, no one even knows what&#39;s coming!

  115. Anonymous says

    Hi from Argentina! Lovely idea! I made it today (not the frost, I covered it with dulce de leche). At first, I was a little concerned about the colors, but it was really not a problem; the colors were bright and beautiful. Thanks! Viviana from Buenos Aires

  116. Anonymous says

    Ms. night before: can i do this cake the night before and keep it in the fridge.. wont it get hard? i will be bringing it tomorrow afternoon but wont have time to do it in the morning..please help!

  117. Anonymous says

    My daughter turned five this week and wanted a rainbow party for her birthday! I LOVE your cake! I just got finished putting my layers together…wish mine looked a little bit more like yours! My layers are looking more like big floppy pancakes on top of each other. Oh well, she is only 5…she won&#39;t care. Hopefully it at least tastes good! Thanks for the great idea! :)

  118. Anonymous says

    i&#39;m a newbie to your blog, and love it already. First one to try out is this ultra yummy looking cake.<br />One question, to use the coconut cake recipe you refer to, would those measurements be enough for the 6 layers or does it need adjusting?? Can anyone help??

  119. Kristine says

    Made it!! 😀 I only did half the recipe, though, cuz I&#39;ve never made a cake unless it out was out of box =P You have inspired me :D<br /><br />My frosting utterly failed, but I made lemon whipped cream instead, so it worked out all right :) My favorite part of presenting the mini heart-shaped cake to my friend (didn&#39;t have enough round pans to make one big one, so I made three little ones

  120. says

    i made your cake yesterday with the exact same recipe,and i ordered the wilton gel food coloring and i used about 2 toothpicks(diped it in the little jar) and the colors were not as bright as yours,did you use more?<br /><br />btw your blog has reached Belgium!!

  121. Laura says

    The rainbow cake looks fantastic, I want to make it for my daughters 6th birthday in march. Can I use 8´´ baking pans too? I dont have 9´´.<br />Best regards, Laura from Germany

  122. says

    Glad you guys like the recipe. Thanks for all of your kind comments!<br /><br />This cake can be kept, frosted, on the counter overnight. It can be refrigerated if preferred, but be sure to bring it to room temp before serving or the frosting will be hard.<br /><br />If you were to make the coconut cake instead of this one, you would just need to evenly divide the batter between the pans. <br

  123. says

    Just wanted to let you know that your recipe is insanely perfect. I made this cake (using 12&quot; rounds and more eggs than I care to think about) for my brother&#39;s birthday. I cut it in half and decorated each half like a rainbow, and his eyes when he cut into it and saw the layers. Made it all worth it. Thank you so so so so so much for this recipe. It totally made his birthday!

  124. says

    I used your idea and made a birthday cake for my 5-year-old daughter last weekend. She was so pleased. I coloured the cream as well and used a recipe for a sponge cake.

  125. says

    I made this for a friend&#39;s 50th birthday. There is nothing, NOTHING like the response you get from this cake. From the first piece out, people are shocked, awed and giddy as children.

  126. Anonymous says

    this cake is stunning im going to make it for my husbands birthday one worry though my daugther is dairy intolarant can i make the frosting with olive oil marg instead of butter ?

  127. says

    Just discovered this! So brilliant!<br /><br />What if I use an eggless cake mix??? How much should the quantities of the mix and butter be? i want the same output as yours. HELP!! :(

  128. says

    Hi,<br /><br />Your cake is simply gorgeous.<br /><br />Is it possible to cover this cake with fondant?<br /><br />Thank you,<br />Fiona

  129. says

    I have been on the search for a delicious white cake. Even though it didn&#39;t start as a white cake, you did a fabulous job switching it over, and it is now my go to white cake. YUM. and I didn&#39;t even have to trim any off to make it level, it was perfect. Thank you for sharing!!!

  130. Anonymous says

    Wow great job this is amazing! Im in Jr. High and I love to bake and come up with new and exiting recipes! You and your blog are a idol to me! Please keep up the good work! Dont ever let anyone say you cant cook!

  131. Anonymous says

    hello!<br />your cake looks fantastic! I want to make it for my bday party. I only hope that it will be a success!:)<br /><br />And I wanted to ask: do you really need 532 gram butter for the Lemony Swiss Meringue Buttercream???

  132. says

    It&#39;s my 30th birthday next Sunday and since I&#39;m vegan, I can&#39;t just go into my local bakery/patisserie and order a cake (sometimes they just end up sneaking eggs/milk into the cake to cut costs and save time… * sigh * that&#39;s another story!). So, I&#39;m treating myself (and any birthday well-wishers that drop in) to your amazing cake.<br /><br />Veganising is pretty easy once

  133. says

    I love how you describe your friend to be just like this cake! Your friends sound exactly like mine!! I hope your good friend enjoys Ihio too. <br />The cake looks amazing and I&#39;m considering making it….well with the help of my husband.

  134. says

    I&#39;ve seen this cake in lots of places and shared it myself and only today have I found you! <br /><br />Thank you for the cake made of happy! :)

  135. says

    Hi :D<br />What kind of colour did you use for the green? :D<br />I&#39;m going to make his for a friend very soon so I would like to know 😀

  136. Anonymous says

    I made your rainbow cake for a birthday party for my granddaughter…she was learning the colours of the rainbow and said there are 7 layers, the acronym being ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). She asked me to make it for her, I said &quot;no problem&quot;! So, consequently, my rainbow cake had 7 layers, all being done in 9&quot; pans. I had to double up the

  137. says

    I&#39;m attempting to make this cake tomorrow, but I can&#39;t find gel food colouring anywhere. Will liquid still work? I&#39;m OK with the colours being softer…

  138. says

    Wow that is amazing. Just watched the Martha Stewart video. My mom is a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz so I&#39;m going to try and tackle this cake for her birthday in October. I&#39;m a baker, but of cookies, so I&#39;m hoping I will succeed! How many people would you say the cake feeds? Because I may need to make more than one cake! Love love love it. Thanks for sharing.<br />Melissa from<br /

  139. Mike says

    Someone on my Facebook news feed recently posted this link. Since Pride was this weekend in Pittsburgh, I chose to make it for a pre-party, with my own icing recipe. Big hit, even just from people seeing the photo of the finished product on Facebook. Friends requesting the recipe have been linked here! Thanks for an awesomely apropos cake!

  140. Anonymous says

    Love,Love, Love it……can I ask is the flour plain flour??? I thought it ust be as the self raising would rise too much but if you could comfirm this……<br /><br />Beautiful..

  141. Anonymous says

    Hi, just want to let you know that I made this for my bother and his new bride a couple of weeks ago. When they got married a heap of family just couldn&#39;t travel that far, so after their honeymoon, they come &#39;home&#39; so he could introduce his lovely bride to the rest of the family. I kept what I was making a secret, and when they cut the cake their jaws hit the floor. This cake was so

  142. says

    I found this recipe via Pinterest and I could not be more pleased! I just finished baking all the layers, which came out perfectly, and will be icing it tomorrow (it&#39;s a bit late right now, 11 at night). I&#39;m making it for my sister-in-law&#39;s birthday and I know she&#39;ll love it! <br /><br />I&#39;m also going to use the batter once its divided and coloured to make some cupcakes for

  143. says

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. People are still talking about this cake a week after I made it! I had no trouble with liquid colour.<br /><br />I noticed some of the metric conversions aren&#39;t correct in your recipe, not sure if that&#39;s been pointed out already.<br /><br />Thanks again!

  144. doofab says

    please please please can you help? i would love to make this cake for my son&#39;s nursery teacher who is leaving in a few weeks, i have printed off the white cake receipe but i am a little unsure about the ingredients i am from the uk and as far as i know we don&#39;t have cake flour here we have plain or self raising and also what type of sugar is needed? again we have granulated, caster and

  145. says

    Your cake is just stunning. I made it last week for my son&#39;s 3rd Birthday Party – he adored it! The food colours were hard to hunt down here in Australia but I found them – yeah! Thank you so much for the inspiration.<br />PS You have insanely awesome frosting skills … so smooth!

  146. says

    First thing is first, I absolutely ADORE your blog. You have beautiful recipes and gorgeous photos. <br /><br />The thing is, I tried to make this cake. I altered the coloring for a Fourth of July cake, instead of rainbow, although I was expertly tempted to. :) And I spent a good deal of the afternoon on it. I was so excited to cut into it. <br /><br />My first issue/question was (and I probably

  147. says

    Kaitlin, I wanted to say thank you for sharing this. I made the cake as a surprise for my daughter&#39;s 8th birthday, and I am now (unoffically) &quot;THE BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE&quot;. I posted some pics on my blog, and while my cake didn&#39;t approach the perfect symmetry of yours, I was still gosh-darned pleased with the results. Thank you, thank you, thank you.<br /><br />http://

  148. says

    So happy you guys are liking the recipe :)<br /><br />Katieskitchen: THank you for pointing that out!!!<br /><br />Doofab, you can use plain flour, granulated sugar and unsalted butter. Good luck!<br /><br />Chloe, I am sorry to hear that you had trouble and that the cake seemed off to you, but I am glad it worked out in the end! Thanks so much! <br /><br />Michelle, it&#39;s FABULOUS! That&#

  149. Jeni Cantrell says

    Just found this blog, and I&#39;m so glad I did! I&#39;m now attempting to make this as a surprise for my friends Sarah and Leah, who are having their engagement party in two days. Thank you for the wonderfully detailed instructions, and wish me luck!!!

  150. Asian girl says

    I saw the video and I must say you&#39;ve got a wonderful laugh! 😀 I am going to try out this cake with my sister very soon and I almost can&#39;t wait to start. I am watching you on deviant art, so I&#39;ll be looking forward to see more goodness from you. :)

  151. says

    Thanks guy! ALl the variations look awesome, and Julesann, I hope you got my email last week! <br /><br />Dennis, it might have been from over-mixing, which is easy to do while adding the food coloring. I hope you liked it anyway!

  152. says

    I made this for a five year old&#39;s birthday this weekend. A big hit!! Your directions were perfect. It all came together just as you&#39;d said. Thanks so much for this recipe and tutorial. I will be posting on my blog soon with a link to you.

  153. says

    I made this for my brother&#39;s birthday today and it worked out brilliantly! As I&#39;m in the UK I had trouble getting hold of suitable food colouring, but I ended up buying Sugarflair paste colourings online (Christmas Red, Egg Yellow, Party Green, Ice Blue, Grape Violet, and Tangerine/Apricot). It was pretty easy to adapt to a lactose-free diet, as well. I didn&#39;t use the frosting recipe,

  154. says

    Bonjour du Québec!<br /><br />Wow!!! I made your cake for my daugter&#39;s 7th birthday and it was I big big big big hit. Thank you very much for sharing.<br /><br />I have put a link to your rainbow cake recipe on my (french) blog. You can see it here : . If it is a problem for you, you can communicate with me.

  155. Anonymous says

    Hi Kaitlin,<br /><br />I have a quick question, if 1 stick of butter is 113g, how come your recipe list states &quot;2 sticks (236 g) butter, room temp&quot;?<br /><br />I am a little confused. Shouldn&#39;t it be 226g or is 236g more ideal. Thanks for clarifying!<br /><br />By the way, I made the cake from your recipe and it turned out awesome! Thanks a lot!<br /><br />You can see the pictures

  156. Anonymous says

    This cake is great! Words fail me to describe its pure awesomeness 😀 Here&#39;s a question: would it be possible to make the filling with a bit of alcohol? If yes, how would you recommend going about it? Thanks!

  157. says

    @This Night Wounds: Looks great! I like that it&#39;s tall :D<br /><br />@Josee, the link didn&#39;t show up, but I found your page, anyway. It looks wonderful!<br /><br />@Jacqui: I&#39;m going to blame bad math. Thanks for pointing that out! Oops! The cake looks fab. I like the close-up of the crumb and the bunting is too cute!<br /><br />@Anonymous: a bit of alcohol for flavor or a bit

  158. says

    Hey There, I just baked your Cake yesterday . The buttercream is wonderful. at you can see it. There will be a picture of the sliced cake on sunday, thats when the new owner has its party.<br />thanks so much for this wonderful recipe, i am a absolute beginner at baking and i really was able to handle it.<br />Greatings from Cologne Germany =) SIgi

  159. says

    Ok, I made this cake today to cheer up a neighbor who was having a bad week. While it took insanely long, the reaction was worth it! Jaws dropped when it was cut into. I think however, I&#39;m going to go with canned frosting next time. While this was majorly delicious.. it was also very time consuming. But thanks.. LOVED IT!

  160. Anonymous says

    Beautiful cake! I&#39;m going to make this for my niece&#39;s 6th birthday.<br />But your metric measurements are not always correct. <br />For example:<br />2 sticks butter 226g – 4 sticks butter 532g<br />1 cup sugar 200g – 1 3/4 cup 350g – 2 1/3 cups 463g<br />3 cups flour 426g – acc. to different websites 1cup is between 110-120g<br /><br />My luck that I own some US measuring cups.

  161. says

    I saw this cake &amp; fell in LOVE and since my oldest son&#39;s birthday is Sunday I decided Im going to give it a try I mean go big or go home right? Well were going big I saw the clip of the 28 layers &amp; that inspired me even more so since hes going to be 10 Ill be ATTEMPTING this as a 10 layer cake……Well see how that turns out if anything everyone will have a deliciously beautimus,

  162. says

    I made your cake this weekend for my daughter&#39;s birthday party with a marshmallow fondant over it, It turned out delicious and awesome! Your directions were crystal clean. Thank you so much!

  163. says

    I LOVE your blog and have been planning FOR MONTHS to make this cake for my daughter on her 2nd birthday! Tomorrow is the day! I&#39;m making this tomorrow, finally! Wish me luck!<br /><br />but seriously. love your blog. I steal ideas from you all the time. <br /><br />Thank you.

  164. says

    That looks fantastic! -do you think you could put in some chokolate between the layers without ruining the white look?<br /><br />//Maja<br /><br />//

  165. Anonymous says

    I know this post in old, but just wanted to say thanks for sharing this recipe. I made this cake for my daughter&#39;s birthday and although it didn&#39;t turn out the same, it still had the wow factor. I had never made swiss meringue buttercream and was very reluctant, but your tutorial explained the process very well. I have shared this link with my friends now. Thank you!

  166. says

    I made this same cake as a going-away dessert for friends of mine moving to San Francisco. I colored the outside icing gray and made a darker gray rainbow with little white clouds at the ends to represent our sadness on top. When the cake was cut and the brilliant rainbow colors were revealed, they were thrilled and touched (the rainbow was very appropriate). It&#39;s the prettiest cake I&#39;ve

  167. Anonymous says

    I&#39;m baking this cake right now ^__^ I did a few things wrong with the batter the cakes are really thin I think I used the wrong flower. But its still a very nice cake to celebrate my 23th birthday on 1 january all the colors match the fireworks =D

  168. Anonymous says

    making this for my 6 year olds birthday party that&#39;s tomorrow. Decided to make the frosting a day early to make it easier – and OH…..MY….GOSH! This frosting is like a little piece of buttery heaven! Took the add the butter slow VERY seriously and didn&#39;t have to refridgerate it at all. Will be refridgerating it though tonight to make the cake tomorrow. THAKS!!! Love it!

  169. Anonymous says

    I do not really understand this american colorful cakes. It&#39;s not tasty al all. I would never eat something like that…<br /><br />Mia, Switzerland

  170. Anonymous says

    Great cake! I&#39;m planning on making it soon, but wanted to ask how long you think the layers could be frozen for. Properly wrapped, you think they&#39;d be okay if they were in the freezer for 3 weeks or so?

  171. says

    this is amazing, my friend just tried it and it looked great!<br />i&#39;m so inspired to try it.<br />now following your wonderful blog :)<br />xx<br /><br />-

  172. Maya says

    Hi, I am planning to attempt this for my son&#39;s 6th bday party in March. I need a larger cake than your recipe so I am planning to use a 13.4inch(34cm)x 9.4inch(24cm)x0.8inch(2cm) rectangle pan. Unfortunately I only have one pan and plan to bake at least 4 layers the same day and cool them and start filling and frosting the next day. The cake recipe you gave, will it work for my cake pan and 4

  173. jaybee says

    so cool<br />i see that cake and fall in love<br />today i wanna make it (cause i dont get it on my birthday) for a birthday of a friend. with a special^^with a cover of smarties and sparkling powder so that tickles and tingling on the tongue. hope it works^^ <br />you are so great

  174. Anonymous says

    Hey there, a TON of comments on this, not sure if you read them all, I am VERY curious about something. Do you think you could add a packet of jello for each color instead of food coloring? it would give the cake a crazy fruitloop kind of taste with all the dif flavors and would also provide color, please email me your response, would love your input, the cake is AWESOME! – Jason &lt;3

  175. says

    I found your cake photo and link to your blog on <br /><br />I love this cake idea. The story behind it is wonderful! I love to make cakes and enjoy decorating them. I am going to have to try this one. THe amount of frosting and butter is not an issue for me!! It looks fabulously delicious!!!!<br /><br />Jenny

  176. Anonymous says

    Hi I just made it. looks great. I change it a bit. I put marzipan between the 2nd and 4th layer and also on the top. taste pretty sweet:)<br />thx for the recipie.<br />(sorry for my english)

  177. Anonymous says

    I want to make this cake for st. Pattys, can you please tell me the names of the color gels you used, i went to buy them today and there are so many shades! I love how yours came out and want to copy it. Also it says the &quot;christmas red&quot; and &quot;red-red&quot; may alter the taste if large amounts are used, did you use the &quot;no taste red&quot;? My email is<br />

  178. says

    I&#39;ve been having a hard time deciding on a cake for my son&#39;s first birthday, and this will be perfect! Thanks for the amazing idea. I can&#39;t wait to taste!

  179. says

    I made this cake for my daughter&#39;s 6th Birthday party with our family. Most amazing cake I have ever made. The icing was absolutely delicious. Thank you so much!!!! Everyone loved it :)

  180. says

    Just a quick message to say thanks for your excellent instructions. I ended up making the coconut cake you recommended for a party this weekend.<br /><br />It was a gorgeous occasion… my friends and I were having a &#39;cheer up&#39; rainbow party for a friend having a double mastectomy this week. The cake was so perfect, and everyone was awestruck by how amazing it was.

  181. says

    Not a cake for the shy and retiring! But for the right person it would be great. Thanks for the cake and the recipes and everything else – great site.

  182. Anonymous says

    Hi!<br /><br />I saw your recipe a few weeks ago. And yesterday I finally found the courage to make it. (I&#39;m not the baking type) <br />It was for a friend&#39;s birthday, and a huge success !! <br /><br />Thanks a lot !!

  183. Tracy says

    Hi fabulous cake, would paste colours work as well as the gel colours. all mine are paste<br />thank<br />Tracy

  184. Anonymous says

    i have loved the look of this cake ever since i first laid eyes on it and now i finally have a reason to make it… i work in a child care centre and we doing a mothers day celebration this year so im gunna give it ago

  185. Anonymous says

    This cake looks awsome!!<br /><br />I have one question: Can I make it with pasturized egg whites (want to use Organic Valley)??<br />Does that work for the frosting?<br /><br />Thanks!!<br />Julia

  186. Anonymous says

    Hi, wondering if you have any advice for baking this in 8&quot; pans? Will it change things much? Should I adjust the time or anything? Can&#39;t wait to try it!

  187. says

    This is such a beautiful cake! I am making it for my twin boys&#39; 2nd birthday next week. Do you think I could use seven minute frosting in place of the SMB? I am in South Africa and our butter is a lot yellower than the US butter, and I don&#39;t have access to the wilton white icing coloring recommended below. I was thinking 7 minute frosting could be a good white substitute, but I am not

  188. says

    I absolutely need to make this cake! One question, though: Has anybody tried using food coloring POWDER? Or any general thoughts on that instead of gel?

  189. soh says

    thankyou for the awesome recipe. i do have one question.. is it necessary to use almond extract? cause going through other recipes, some of em require almond extract..thanks!:)

  190. Sophie says

    I just have to say I fell in love with this cake, because besides being so beautiful it is absolutely delicious! <br />I made the cake a couple of weeks ago (with nutella frosting miam!)but the colors weren&#39;t vibrating enough (I had liquid food coloring only). So here I am ready to test it once again (with powder coloring) and hoping it will turn out just as gorgeous as yours :) Although I

  191. Hazel says

    Made this cake for my sister&#39;s 12th birthday. Everyone loved it. Yes. EVERYONE!! I just love your white cake recipe. It&#39;s my go-to recipe ever since. Thank you!! x

  192. says

    It may be several years later, but thank you so much for this recipe and the awesome how-to on the buttercream! I&#39;ve never made a layer cake or buttercream but they both turned out amazing for my daughter&#39;s 3rd birthday party this last weekend :)

  193. says

    hi Kaitlin,<br /><br />I baked this rainbow cake the other day n it&#39;s so yummy! thanks for sharing this great recipe. <br /><br />My question is that when we make the swiss meringue buttercream, Can we beat the butter first n then gradually add to the egg white? because I found my frosting isn&#39;t as white as white yours after I add the butter.

  194. Anonymous says

    Just made this cake for my daughter&#39;s 3rd birthday. It definitely took brain power, but looked amazing!! Thanks!

  195. says

    Hi Whisk-Kid,<br />I am planning on making this for my daughters 2nd birthday and was wondering if I could make it with a white chocolate mud cake or if it would be too heavy?<br />Really cool idea for a cake! <br />Thank you!<br />Anne

  196. says

    I&#39;m pretty sure this is a preference but I found the cake and cream way too sweet. Half amount of the sugar would have been enough for my taste. How would you recommend adjusting this recipe when using only 1/2 of the sugar?

  197. says

    hello!<br />First of all congrats on the cake because it&#39;s really beautiful! <br />The thing is i wanna make this cake for my boyfriend&#39;s birthday but he doesn&#39;t like much sweet desserts and he prefers moist cakes. On the other hand, he loves cheese, so I was wondering if it would build well with a cream cheese frosting. I know that swiss meringue buttercream is less sweeter than

  198. Fiorella says

    Hello!<br />First of all congrats on the cake because it&#39;s really beautiful! <br />The thing is i wanna make this cake for my boyfriend&#39;s birthday but he doesn&#39;t like much sweet desserts and he prefers moist cakes. On the other hand, he loves cheese, so I was wondering if it would build well with a cream cheese frosting. I know that swiss meringue buttercream is less sweeter than

  199. Anonymous says

    Hi Whisk Kid,<br /><br />This cake is great! I only baked it yesterday for my brother&#39;s birthday and although only today we are going to cut it, it already tastes great (tasting during baking is essential). I am curious if it will look like yours. Though it is not as smooth and I needed even more buttercream than you suggested! <br />I have to say the recipe was easy to follow and I think it

  200. Jessica Rietveld says

    Hi! <br /><br />I made this cake for my Dad&#39;s 65th birthday this weekend and everyone loved it!<br />Such a great recipe. Thanks! It&#39;s even appreciated in the Netherlands 😀

  201. Autumn says

    I just made this beautiful cake for my daughter&#39;s 10th birthday..can we say HUGE hit?! :) Thank you for such a lovely idea!!!!!

  202. Amanda says

    Hi, just stopping by to say that I followed the recipe to a T and it turned out perfectly for my son&#39;s rainbow and balloon themed first birthday party. It was actually fairly easy as well; the most annoying part was washing and reusing 2 cake pans.

  203. says

    Hello,<br /><br />A message from the Netherlands, where I made this beautiful cake! I really loved it, so I decided to make it for my grandma&#39;s 85th birthday. But since the whole family would be there it had to be big enough and I also needed something that represented the grandchildren. I went a bit overboard I think, but since I&#39;m very proud of it, I just wanted to show the pictures:<br

  204. says

    Hello,<br /><br />Sorry if this is the second time I post this message, the computer is not working with me…<br /><br />I was surfing on the web, to find a nice cake to make for my grandma&#39;s 85th birthday. And somehow I find this rainbow cake and it was love at first sight. So I decided to make this cake for the family gathering for my grandma&#39;s birthday. But since my family is very big

  205. says

    Hi Caitlin, <br /> I just want to thank you for how clear your instructions were. I spent some quality time with your recipe and martha stewart video yesterday making this cake for my boyfriend&#39;s birthday. The cake layers were a total success and were so beautiful when layered together! The buttercream came out with a perfect frosting consistency, however I am confused about its taste. I&#

  206. says

    I would like to know if the buttercream normally has an extra-buttery flavor or if I may have made it incorrectly. The cake came out beautiful but I am left wondering why the frosting was more like flavored butter than frosting.

  207. says

    If you have a dream cake in mind, get pictures from the internet, think of color swatches cake decoration material before making your request for a custom cake. That way, your baker will have a better idea of what you want. Understanding some basic terms of wedding cakes.

  208. says

    I searched for a cake to make to for my daughters birthday. When she saw this pic she said that she want&#39;s this! Sp I&#39;ll be doing a rainbow cake for my 5-yea-old :) Well I love how it looks too!

  209. says

    Hi, your blog is awesome and the rainbow cake amazing. <br />I started making it last night (will finish tonight)but for some reason the batter baked uneven and, sort of, bubbled in some areas…(??) is it because I used a cake mix or because is only 1 cup of batter?? I was dissapointed since my cake won&#39;t be leveled :( And, I can&#39;t even level it by slicing since the layers are so thin…

  210. Lee says

    Hello! I noticed these posts are quite old, so hoping you are still around to read this. I plan on giving this cake a whirl in a few days for a birthday. I also read the tutorial on the buttercream icing and the instructions here. I saw that the first set of icing instructions are for a crumb and fill. Then the second batch for the true icing. So I will be correct in making both batches, right?<

  211. Anonymous says

    Hi, I have a question about the swiss meringue buttercream: how long can you keep it before use? I&#39;d like to make it on wednesday and use it on saturday, is it possible?<br />Thanks

  212. Anonymous says

    This cake is fabulous!! I can&#39;t wait to try the recipe, series&#39;s meringue buttercream is the best and that cake looks so moist! Thanks for

  213. Anonymous says

    Maybe in a parallel universe…. in my next lifetime… :( Just had a fail. Nothing to do with the recipe, etc. etc just that the layers turned out to be horrible. i baked 3 and stopped. Twas not meant to be. Thank god I didn&#39;t get as far as the miringe…

  214. SZ says

    Hi Kaitlin <br />I read your recipe for the Rainbow Cake and I am not sure I understood the frosting part clearly…<br /><br />At the Buttercream section you have 2 sets of ingredients (one &quot;to fill and crumb coat&quot; and one &quot;to frost&quot;), but one recipe to follow.<br /><br />What you mean is that you make each frosting seperately but use the same recipe for both?<br />And when

  215. says

    I made this one for my wifes 30th. <br />Since i only had one baking form it took me some time but it was well worth it.<br />Great recipe, easy to follow. And the swiss meringue buttercream is just awesome.<br />Thanks.

  216. says

    Hi Kaitlin,<br /><br />I made the rainbow cake! Your buttercream tutorial was invaluable, although mine came out a bit different to yours!! <br /><br />Weighing everything (mixture and filling) seemed to be the secret!<br /><br />Thanks so much for the recipe.<br /><br />I wrote about it here and took lots of pictures:<br /><br /><a href="

  217. says

    Hi Kaitlin!<br /><br />I made this cake for my birthday (a bit selfish!) and it turned out great! The Swiss Meringue Buttercream tutorial you did was sooo helpful, although my icing came out a little bit yellow – still looked good though!<br /><br />Thanks so much for inventing this! The BBC&#39;s magazine called Good Food here in the UK has a version of this cake on its front cover this month.

  218. says

    Hi Kaitlin!<br /><br />I made this cake for my birthday (a bit selfish!) and it turned out great! The Swiss Meringue Buttercream tutorial you did was sooo helpful, although my icing came out a little bit yellow – still looked good though!<br /><br />Thanks so much for inventing this! The BBC&#39;s magazine called Good Food here in the UK has a version of this cake on its front cover this month.

  219. says

    Hi Whisk Kid,<br />I made this cake for my daughter&#39;s birthday 2 years ago and considering she doesn&#39;t normally eat cake, it went down very quickly. It was an enormous success! She has asked for it again this year and am baking it for her again tomorrow. I only wish that my icing was as white as yours. Maybe Australian butter is more yellow? Anyway, please don&#39;t ever stop blogging or

  220. says

    I just made this cake, and it turned out as promised! The colors were beautiful and vibrant (I used &quot;Wilton&#39;s Icing Colors&quot; which is a food color gel). <br /><br />I made the frosting the first day. I didn&#39;t want a ton of frosting so I used the entire 9 egg white recipe above and halved the 5 egg white recipe. I made them together so I wouldn&#39;t have to go through the

  221. says

    Best recipe I&#39;ve ever used !!! I made this, took a picture of it, posted in on facebook, and in less than 2 hours, people had booked a slice of the cake for themselves that I barely had any to give to my family anymore :)

  222. says

    hello, I have my friends birthday coming this saturday, I had question. when you said 2 stick butter (226g) that means 226g x 2? or is it 226g only? Because in europe we only had butter is already pack with 226g

  223. says

    Hello, i wanted to make this cake for my friend birthday party, when you say 2 stick (226g), is that means 226g x 2? because in europa we not say stick but all the butter already pack to 226g.

  224. says

    Hello, i wanted to make this cake for my friend birthday party, when you say 2 stick (226g), is that means 226g x 2? because in europa we not say stick but all the butter already pack to 226g.

  225. says

    Hi, I love your cake. its so beautiful. Definitely taste good too. I made two layered cake similar process and it tasted great. It took me 5 hrs. I m going to make this for my daughters 9th birthday party on this Saturday. Pls wish me luck. <br />Can you pls tell me the sugar you used is it granulated sugar or icing sugar or caster sugar?<br /><br />Thanks a lot.

  226. says

    Hi, I love your cake. its so beautiful. Definitely taste good too. I made two layered cake similar process and it tasted great. It took me 5 hrs. I m going to make this for my daughters 9th birthday party on this Saturday. Pls wish me luck. <br />Can you pls tell me the sugar you used is it granulated sugar or icing sugar or caster sugar?<br /><br />Thanks a lot.

  227. says

    Hi, I love your cake. its so beautiful. Definitely taste good too. I made two layered cake similar process and it tasted great. It took me 5 hrs. I m going to make this for my daughters 9th birthday party on this Saturday. Pls wish me luck. <br />Can you pls tell me the sugar you used is it granulated sugar or icing sugar or caster sugar?<br /><br />Thanks a lot.

  228. says

    I am cooking the 6 colorful layers as I type this. My son is coming home for his birthday (30th), and jokingly requested a rainbow cake! Lol! Won&#39;t he be surprised!!

  229. says

    WOW, this looks really nice and you make it look so easy. I&#39;ve to try my hands on a rainbow cake soon! Looking to bake a cake for my husband&#39;s birthday next week… this is going into my list! :P<br /><br />-Dee

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