Late – {Coconut, Almond and Currant Macarons}

I’d feel like a complete disappointment if I didn’t post something for Valentine’s Day. So let’s do something quick, shall we? A short post, with a single photo, just to let you guys know I’m acknowledging it.

I rang in the evening with finance homework, a bowl of slightly-burned popcorn, and a glass of mead (thanks a bunch, Dad). I’ve been texting my friends a little more than someone who’s studying really should, but hell; it’s a holiday.

It was a good, productive night, and I’m happy with how it was spent.

And now that midnight’s passed, I’m both late for the festivities and too tired to impress. So… Sorry for that!

I hope you had a very happy Valentine’s Day however you celebrated. There’s plenty of stuff to love in this world, so do yourself a favor: find something and be happy!

Oh – you want a recipe? Um… This is what I’ve got today:

For starters, what dessert could possibly be more perfect for Valentine’s Day? These temperamental buggers are sweet, tart, smooth, cute, and, well, temperamental. But you’ve got to love them, right?

The macaron shells were made following Stella’s foolproof method and recipe, with one part coconut and two parts almond. They were then filled with a quick jelly based on Helene’s and scraps of cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream from the freezer.

I hope you’ll forgive me for working with something so horribly out of season this week. They were on sale and they were red. The fit was just too good.


  1. says

    I&#39;m glad you started updating again, I&#39;m subscribed to your site via RSS. I have yet to try anything you posted (I live by the microwave!) but I like seeing the pictures you post of stuff.<br /><br />Anyways. Update more and one day I do plan to try something!<br /><br />You may recognize my website name, I&#39;m one of Heidio&#39;s friends!

  2. says

    Well I forgive you for the out of season-ness πŸ˜‰ They are beautiful! I have yet to have success with using coconut (even with Stella&#39;s method) so my hat is off to you! They are beautiful!! Thanks for taking the time in a busy busy week to post these :)

  3. says

    Ooh coconut almond base – – I have yet to try that. May have to give it a shot, as those enticing pearls are reeling me in:)<br /><br />I can&#39;t think of anything that would go with adventures in financing better than slightly-burnt popcorn.

    • says

      I did it because I was running low on almonds, but it turned out so well that I&#39;ll definitely be doing it again! <br /><br />And yeah… Not too much joy comes with financing. lol

  4. Anonymous says

    Just wanted you to know that I made the Hi Hat Cupcakes. Although, i used Martha Stewart&#39;s Devils food cake recipe and your Swiss meringue frosting, which came out perfect!! OMG! I gave them to my Son and family and took the rest to my church Craft guild….that was their Valentine from me. Everyone just raved over them, but I doubt that I&#39;ll make them again…they took 1 1/2 Ibs.

  5. says

    I will be back to try out these macaroons, I haven&#39;t found a recipe yet that works 100% for me. I know the last ones I made were just yum. But didn&#39;t look right yet.

  6. Anonymous says

    They look delish!<br /><br />So I have a question…Did you use shredded coconut or did you put that in the food processor too? And would it matter if I used all coconut?<br /><br />Thanks

    • says

      Thanks! I used shredded, unsweetened coconut and put it in the food processor with the almonds. It would probably work ok with all coconut! I think Stella&#39;s made them with pepitas before.

  7. says

    I love reading your blog :) I was just wondering if there was a best way to freeze and defrost the cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream? Or can you just shove it in a tub to freeze, and defrost at room temperature?<br />Thanks!<br />Helen x

    • says

      Thank you! I froze and defrosted it exactly as described! You have to re-whip the frosting when it comes to room temp though, and I had to let it beat for about 5 minutes before it came back to the right consistency. If it&#39;s soupy, stick the frosting in the fridge for a bit and then whip again.

  8. says

    I really need to suck it up, put on my brave pants and make macarons. These sound soooo good. And the photo is so beautiful .. I love it!

  9. Lisa says


    I have a question about the shell recipe, you say that you used 1 part coconut and 2 parts almond? I assume you used ground almonds, but what kind of coconut did you use? :) Not coconut flour?

    Thank you :)

    • says

      Hi Lisa!

      Apologies for the lack of detail. I used shredded coconut – the kind that comes in thick strips without sugar. Can usually be found in health food stores :)

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