Spices – {Mocha Cappuccino Brownies} + a contest!

Hungry for more photos, a recipe for Mocha Cappuccino Brownies and something fun to read? Check out the rest of this post here!


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    I feel the same way about Penzeys that you do McCormick's, and I also feel the same about not knowing what was up with the spices when I was young. Although my mom proudly stated "I like bland food!" the other night, so I'm guessing spices didn't especially play a role in my childhood:P

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      Squidgy is the most spot-on word for these ever. I wish I would have thought of that! They're almost, like, ganche on a square of slightly firmer ganache.

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    Ahh Penzeys… they just opened one near my house, so no more mail order for me. McCormick is a staple. I grew up with it, as did my children. The smell of cinnamon always brings me back to my mom's kitchen and her making a traditional pie crust cookie that has been in our family for generations. I learned a lot about spices when I was younger.. the first and most important is that

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      Do they have instant coffee where you live? That makes a nice substitute. Just add 1/2 tsp in with the dry ingredients. Otherwise, yes, very strong coffee should work just fine!

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    Oh, my, these look so good! <br />I&#39;m from Brazil, so I don&#39;t even know what McCormick is… Do you know if I can use regular coffee with a little hot water instead?<br />Thanks!<br />Mariana

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    I&#39;ve wanted to do a post like this for so long but I didn&#39;t know how to approach it! My parents never used spices either, and it wasn&#39;t until I got to college that I realized the same foods I cook over and over (chicken, anyone?) could taste so different just by using different spices! Nice post, nice anecdote, nice recipe! Can&#39;t wait to try this :)

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    These brownies look FANTASTIC! I&#39;m also loving the confectioners&#39; sugar + cinnamon combo. Clever!<br /><br />You&#39;re pictures, as always, are absolutely amazing. I&#39;m so jealy of your talent!

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    My brownies didn&#39;t turn out. Turns out I mixed the chocolate in with the last part of the batter and then poured it over the other batter. Was that the problem? Why two sets of batter??

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      Oh – I am sorry to hear that :( What was wrong with them? They are supposed to be quite soft – was that the problem?<br /><br />The two batters were just so there were two different textures.

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