Start – {Bacon Fat Croissants}

Bacon Fat Croissant - Whisk Kid

The disappointment has stopped hitting me as a surprise. Regrettably, after 8 years, I have to say that it’s something I’ve come to expect. Even with the combined efforts of my fingers and toes, I don’t think I could count the number of times I’ve been left stranded. Always filled to the brim with frustration…

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Ricotta and Citrus Upside Down Crumb Cake

Need – {Ricotta & Citrus Upside Down Crumb Cake}

Attraction aside, on our first date, S met just a few of my “must haves” in a potential mate. The most important? He didn’t smack his lips. To this day, I still remember my initial disappointment when he told me he had season tickets for MSU football. And when he told me he “wasn’t really…

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French Quarter Beignets - Whisk Kid

NOLA – {Beignets}

My standard approach to travel is simple. Step 1: get the time off approved Step 2: arrange transportation Step 3: GTFO Step 4: figure it out when I get there. It’s not laziness, it’s insurance. A safeguard against stressing out over scheduling, and confidence in knowing that I will have an awesome time – without…

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Window – {Blueberry Pear Pie}

Daintily scratching egg yolk from the tines of a forgotten fork, I made an exciting discovery in the shade of marsala: blushing edges on the petals of my pancake plant, Waffle, clearly drunk on the sun. I couldn’t blame him: the sun, all but drowning Waffle in his teeny 3” terracotta pot, was loud and…

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Bread – {Peanut Butter and Oreo Swirl Brioche}

The bread section at the grocery store always looked like an exotic library. Sealed behind glass doors, the loaves were neatly organized and cataloged. Some crusty, some soft, but all sharing one common characteristic: deliciousness. I’d often ponder the loaves while my parents shopped for less interesting things. The bakery counter nearby offered free cookies…

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Day at the Lake – {Chocolate and Oreo Brittle Cupcakes}

Towering over us, he was a monster. Stout, but still somewhere above the mark of six feet, he cast a shadow longer – and wider – than anything around him. And he was stubborn, that guy. Even with the combined might of four adults, he could not be moved. Alone in the middle of the…

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