Grow – {Toasted Rice and Almond Cake with Cherries}

Toasted Rice and Almond Cake with Cherries - Whisk Kid

I surround myself at all times with terracotta; a growing collection of pots collected from friends, family, and garage sales. I want, so desperately, to grow things. I obsess over my potted hydrangea, a year-old gift from S, and distantly coddle – as I hear they appreciate – the succulents growing in my window sills….

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Mexican Spice Horchata Cake - Fudgy chocolate cake spiced with cinnamon and cayenne pepper, topped with horchata buttercream. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo, or whenever.

Party – {Mexican Spice Horchata Cake)

So, car troubles. A quick visit to Mr. Flannery’s this weekend rendered them a memory. Fortunate for me – not to mention my wallet – the damage was limited to crusty battery posts. Which, you know, was “amazing.” Though I felt like a total dumbass, it was nothing less than a cause for celebration. But…

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Bacon Fat Croissant - Whisk Kid

Start – {Bacon Fat Croissants}

The disappointment has stopped hitting me as a surprise. Regrettably, after 8 years, I have to say that it’s something I’ve come to expect. Even with the combined efforts of my fingers and toes, I don’t think I could count the number of times I’ve been left stranded. Always filled to the brim with frustration…

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Ricotta and Citrus Upside Down Crumb Cake

Need – {Ricotta & Citrus Upside Down Crumb Cake}

Attraction aside, on our first date, S met just a few of my “must haves” in a potential mate. The most important? He didn’t smack his lips. To this day, I still remember my initial disappointment when he told me he had season tickets for MSU football. And when he told me he “wasn’t really…

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French Quarter Beignets - Whisk Kid

NOLA – {Beignets}

My standard approach to travel is simple. Step 1: get the time off approved Step 2: arrange transportation Step 3: GTFO Step 4: figure it out when I get there. It’s not laziness, it’s insurance. A safeguard against stressing out over scheduling, and confidence in knowing that I will have an awesome time – without…

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